1 Mar, 2017

Millennials In the Storage & Material Handling Industry: No Longer Business as Usual

Our first Blog introduced you to the company and provided an overview of product and services offered by a well-established company in the storage and material handling industry.  At Southern California Storage Systems we feel strongly that our history can improve your Company’s future. Although having experience and a solid foundation in the industry is important, change is often your strongest ally. Running a business should never truly be business as usual. It stifles growth and limits profitability.  Let’s take a look at the new face of the labor force: Millennials. If any generation embraces change and rejects business as usual, it’s Millennials.

2 Feb, 2017

Southern California Storage Systems Launches Informative Storage & Material Handling Blog

Our History Can Improve Your Company's Future Welcome to the first of many informative blogs from Southern California Storage Systems.  Our goal is to share knowledge and keep customers informed of the latest technology trends in storage and material handling products. Today's blog will begin with an introduction to So Cal Storage Systems. Future blogs will address