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Southern California Storage Systems Launches Informative Storage & Material Handling Blog

Our History Can Improve Your Company’s Future

Welcome to the first of many informative blogs from Southern California Storage Systems.  Our goal is to share knowledge and keep customers informed of the latest technology trends in storage and material handling products. Today’s blog will begin with an introduction to So Cal Storage Systems. Future blogs will address the various products offered and how they improve productivity, recapture space, and integrate with existing storage systems.

About Us

Southern California Storage Systems has provided multiple solutions and products for material handling and storage needs for over 30 years.  With two locations in Southern California, we are a proud distributor for Rousseau Modular Storage Systems and Modula US Vertical Lift Module Systems.  We also distribute automated storage systems, horizontal carousel systems, free-standing mezzanines, and workstations.  We serve businesses throughout the continental U.S. with on-site tours of installations available upon request.

Our sales engineers work with our clients through all phases of material handling integration including system design, project management, installation, and service. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and building long-term relationships based on integrity with both our clients and suppliers.

Mezzanines_Home Page Thumbnail and Mezzanines Page Slider 1Full-Service Material Handling Company

Today’s top material handling companies must be on the cutting edge of innovation and offer a wide scope of products and services.  Our goal is to exemplify the term “Full Service Material Handling Company”.  Southern California Storage Systems specializes in storage and material handling solutions for the following industries: 

We also offer maintenance programs, installation, relocation, and financing options.

VertLiftEnoagricola Rossi -944Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Southern California Storage Systems is a leader in the Storage Industry with knowledge and experience of Vertical & Horizontal Carousel Systems, as well as Lift Module Systems with the capabilities of being driven by WMS software interface. 

Preview of Our Next Blog Post: “‘Business as Usual’—Not In the 21st Century”

Business should never truly be “business as usual”.  It stifles growth and limits profitability. It may be time to move away from your comfort zone and look to 2017 as the year with a vision for change. Often we go kicking and screaming down the road of change.  Once there, if properly guided, the results for a business can be phenomenal.  Options have never been better in Material Handling.  To view the options that can be customized to fit your business storage needs, visit our Products section.

More Upcoming Blogs:

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  • Who doesn’t Love a Carousel !  Tire Storage Carousel
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  • Mezzanines – A Tried & True Space Saver 
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