Healthcare & Medical Device Industry Storage Solutions

SoCal Storage offers a wide range of healthcare storage solutions including medical storage cabinets, vertical lift module systems, horizontal carousel systems, and workstation solutions.

For storing and handling sterile materials, Rousseau systems offer various storage configurations and accessories for safe and easy-to-access storage. Locking systems are also available for added security and safety. Slide-out shelves allow easy access to equipment and limit the risk of injury. With our mobile cabinets, all equipment that needs to be with you as you move around the hospital is safely stored and always on hand.

Rousseau storage solutions can be perfectly configured and adapted to the sterilized processing department, central supply room, biomedical department, or sterilization department.

Rousseau storage systems perfectly meet all of the specific needs for hygiene and cleanliness that your departments insist upon.

Vertical Lift Module Systems

Horizontal Carousel Systems

Safety & Security Cages


Drawer Cabinets

Mobile Cabinets

Shelving With Drawers

Workstation Solutions

Mobile Aisle Storage

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