Horizontal Carousel Storage Systems

All Horizontal Carousel Storage System models are constructed with rugged, all-steel, high capacity track and frame size, ensuring a fast delivery. Easy to maintain, all components are accessible from outside the warehouse carousel. The bottom track is adjustable, allowing bins to be raised at the required level. Models are available as double or triple stacked with no additional costs or modifications. Structural mezzanines and multiple conveyor lines are easily supported on top of carousel frames.

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Horizontal Carousel System Description


The Horizontal Carousel Systems are useful for goods-to-man order picking, batch orders, residual handling in-store replenishment operations, e-commerce return handling and order sortation for retail department stores and aisle based carton creation.

Fast Retrieval Speeds & Parts Accessibility

Highly efficient direct drives provide quick retrieval. The drive units do not require any adjustment and, when needed, are easy and inexpensive to replace. AC controllers, drive motors, reducers, controls and all electrical components throughout the carousel are commercially available simplifying repairs and minimizing downtime.

Controller & Safety Controls

Mountable in any location, the controller offers multi-level manual and electronic control. It functions as the network interface for software-driven systems. The controller displays clear, readable messages for mechanical, communication and diagnostic functions. Emergency stop controls may be located anywhere on the system, including panels, workstations and light trees. Vertical and horizontal photo-electric eyes are available for additional safe measures. Safety floor mats and CE configuration are also available.

Simple Installation

Factory match-marked frames are shipped with all chains, yokes and drive units in place and all bins are factory pre-assembled with sides and backs connected for easy fold-out installation.


Contact us for specific model information.

At 68 kg, the carousel systems have high capacity standard shelves, custom state-of-the-art bins up to 4.6 m tall with optional capacities up to 907 kg.


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