Mobile Aisle Storage

Mobile aisle storage systems are designed to maximize cubic storage space. Movable aisle systems are expandable, reliable, and have low maintenance track systems. Rows of shelving have the option of being operated manually moved or powered, creating easy access to every storage location within the system.

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Southern California Storage Systems and Montel understand the importance of offering cost-effective innovative storage solutions. For your unique storage needs, Mobilex® high-density mechanical mobile storage systems offer the performance solution required for greater evolving storage capacity in less floor space. The shelving systems offer a wide variety of accessories such as reference shelves, multimedia drawers, sliding shelves, specialized shelving, drawers, hanging files and much more.

For versatility and functionality, Mobilex® offers endless storage solutions for specific storage needs: archives, artifacts, athletic equipment, binders, blue prints, books, boxes, bulk storage, cabinets, files, film cans, golf bags, linens, media, office supplies, parts and pieces, police evidence, records, skis, specimens, tapes, tools, video tapes, weapons and x-rays. The list is endless.


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