Vertical Lift Module Storage & Retrieval Systems

Vertical Lift Module Systems recover floor space on the shop floor or distribution area, while improving the efficiency, speed and accuracy of your picking operations. Twenty years of experience and continuous research have produced a highly technical product in which safety and design are the main focus. In addition, a vertical lift increases security, reduces labor risks and can boost inventory management.

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Vertical Lift Module Description

Copilot Operator Console

The Copilot is a user-friendly interface, suitable for any rugged industrial environment. The color display has touch screen technology and an easy-to-use operating system (OS).

Warehouse Management Software Suite

The automated storage and retrieval system is equipped with a warehouse management software suite.  The software used to manage the space and utilization of the Vertical Lift Module System is also available as a standalone software tool.  The software may be interfaced with nearly any ERP system.

Tray & Delivery Options

Internal and external bays are available in single or dual delivery. When space is at a premium, the internal bay is an ideal solution.  External bays offer optimal ergonomic workspace and provide additional benefits when used with cranes and mechanical manipulators to lift heavy items stored in trays. Single delivery is ideal when the machine is used moderately. Dual delivery is suggested when the fast-paced picking is needed.


Contact us for specific model dimensions.  The following are general characteristics only.

  • Unit Height: 9′ 2″ (110″) (minimum), 46′ 0″ (552.0″) (maximum)
  • Rail Spacing: Provided on 1″ centers
  • Unit Load Capacity: 132,000 lbs (maximum)
  • Maximum Vertical Lifting Speed: 433 ft./minute
  • Vertical Lifting Motor: 7.5 HP – AC
  • Maximum Horizontal Speed: 98.0 ft./minute
  • Standard Power Requirements: 480V / 3~ / 60 Hz / 20 Amp
  • Product Height with Single-Delivery Configuration: 26.0″ (maximum)
  • Product Height with Dual-Delivery Configuration: 12.0″ (maximum)




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